Spring brush clean-up planned for Monday May 1 through Friday May 5.  Late winter snows are over and spring has finally arrived.  We will be conducting a one week long brush pickup to collect tree and shrubbery trimmings throughout the township.  All of your recyclable brush MUST be placed at the curb or road edge before 7 AM on Monday May 1.  We will be starting on the eastern side of the township and working westward but THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE PASS MADE.  Materials not ready by 7 AM May 1 is not guaranteed to be picked up.  Note that no grass, leaves, tree stumps, dirt, stones, landscaping materials, ornamental grass, bamboo or branches over 6 inches in diameter will be collected.  If you are late placing your brush for our pickup, you may take it where we do to the H&H mulch facility on Old Hanover Road any day from dawn till dusk.

The township Public Works crew is planning to undertake numerous road projects this summer. They will include asphalt overlays on:  1.3 miles of Woodland Drive from Kopp to Orchard, 1.2 miles of Church Road from Lake to Roth's Church, 0.9 mile of Pahagaco Road, 0.7 mile of Pine Road from Grant to Biesecker, 0.6 mile of Leedy Road and 0.1 mile of Acorn Road.  Tree trimming and/or removal and drainage pipe replacement on those sections will be done as needed in advance of paving.  
Residents living along the affected roads will be notified through our website notices and signs in advance of scheduled work.  However, work schedules can be subject to weather, contractor delays and equipment or material availability issues.  Please be patient and pay attention to work zone signs and traffic control personnel. 

No Burning of Trash Effective June 1, 2013

The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors implemented a new Burning Ordinance that regulates all burning.  NO REFUSE, BRUSH, LEAVES, RECYCLABLE MATERIALS, WET GARBAGE OR OTHER MATTER WHICH SMOLDERS SHALL BE BURNED IN ANY FIRES.  No open burning is allowed to burn within 50' of any building or property line.  NO fires except recreational fires and ceremonial bonfires are allowed to burn on any day between sunset and sunrise. Recreational fires for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes are permitted as long as the total fuel area is 3 feet or less in diameter, 2 feet or less in height and at least 25 feet from any building or combustible material and 50 feet from a property line.  Any person who intends to ignite open burning or a controlled burn or ceremonial bonfire shall, immediately prior to igniting and immediately following extinguishing the fire or burn, notify York County Control by calling 911 and informing the operator of the location of the supervised fire. 

Reminder to district on-lot septic system property owners

December 31, 2017 is the deadline for pumping and inspection of On-Lot Septic Systems of properties located in District Three.  Notices were mailed to all District 3 addresses January 23, 2017 to remind property owners of their responsibility in this matter.  Please plan to have your septic tanks pumped and inspected during 2017.


Permits are required for all construction and repair projects.  Proposed Use Permits are required for all repair work-the erection, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving or demolition of any part of all structures on your property.  For example:  replacement of shingles, windows, doors; repaving of your driveway, patio replacement, construction of a fence, shed replacement, etc....all require Proposed Use Permits.  The construction of a deck, porches, placement of a swimming pool (above ground or in ground) also require Building Permits.  Most applications for Proposed Use and Building Permits will also require a new Stormwater Management Permit.  Applications for all may be obtained at the Township Building.

Height of grass and weeds is restricted

This is a reminder that all property owners are responsible to maintain their properties and not permit any grass or weeds to grow or remain on their premises that exceeds six (6) inches in height in all residential zones or twelve (12) inches in height in all other zones.


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